Build 1019 RELEASED!

- Automatic wind aloft download fixed
- METAR/TAF download fixed
- Import capability from Air Nav Pro (iPhone/iPad) format
- Export to Air Nav Pro (iPhone/iPad), GPX, TXT, CSV, Google Earth KML
- Free Registration Required at initial start
- Dummy aircraft capability for easy fuel flow calculation and navigation log
- Text Navigation Log can be saved as text file
- Navigation Log format changed to JPG instead of BMP
- Sunrie/Sunset AM/PM bug fixed + new algorithm implemented
- Mass & Balance page re-enabled for default aircraft
- New splashscreen
- Select Aircraft menu added
- Minor and major bug fixes

Further update with significant new features and navdata is expected in a few weeks.

Build 1018 RELEASED!

- IGRF 2010 Geomagnetic Field model improvement for heading calculation
- Weight & Balance removed due many errors and incompatibilities
- NOTAM breifing page changed to
- Small 1017 bug fixes

Build 1017 RELEASED!

- Hungary Airspace 2010 updated
- Magnetic heading calculation improved
- Flight Plan Save & Load function added
- Flight Plan instant reverse button added
- Waypoint search bug when writing fast - fixed
- TAF & METAR download bug fixed

Build 1016 RELEASED!

- Wind Aloft download fixed
- Navigation Plan trip fuel fixed
- Minor fixes

Build 1015 RELEASED!

New version released!


- Austria in database
- Wind calculations
- Fuel calculations
- Online winds aloft forecast
- New map user control
- Airline style navigation log
- Improved accuracy
- Sun-rise / sun-set calculation
- Briefing information
- Up to date Weather related charts
- METAR and TAF query
- Minor changes
- Minor updates
- Bug fixes

Welcome ;)

You're probably a GA pilot and you're in the right place. If you're not a GA pilot, then you are probably lost and this site isn't intended for you :)

If you continue to surf our site you will find yourself using a program called VFR Planner which we have created because we got fed up with the fact that there wasn't any adaquate database -containing Hungary and the neighboring countries- for route and flight planning intended for VFR pilots.

Although we did find some well designed programs but none where detailed enough to be used by VFR pilots. Eventhough some programs like Jeppview among others have very professional skills they only contain information of the bigger airports and larger towns/cities. This meaning that getting precise information on smaller airfields, private and non-official landing stripes may take hours and hours not speaking about cost of aquiring these.

It's time to stop this nonsense so We have created this software for You (and for ourselves naturally :p ) which now contains virtually all relvelent information on small airfields and landing stripes like Gyúró or Papkutapuszta.

If you're still interested continue by the Menu above...