About us

Who are we?
As you've probably already guessed we love aviation and anything related with it. This is our hobby but hopefully in the future it will become our occupation. By the way we're both 24 years old and namly are: Robin Rácz and Peter Orosz.

Why is this good for us?
As we earlier said we love aviation and we found it sad that there isn't any other similar program available currently. Why is it good for you? You have a free route planner program which basically does everything for you.

Why is it free of charge?
We primarily want to support GA especially Hungarian GA. Anyway we have so many other things to catch up on and spend our money on in this country. We started creating this program for our own entertainment and we never thought it would become public. But it turned out differently. Let it be a free software for now. If you're satisfyed with it and would like to support us in the development please visit our Donations menu.