VFR Planner is a self created program which we have produced for ourselves. We chose to sofisticate it turn it user friendly and offer it to the public to help our fellow pilots. We decided to offer it free of charge so it widly spreads and can be accessed by all GA pilots.

The development of this program took hundreds of our free time, which we did while working full time, part time, doing our flying and other social activity.

So if you're satisfyed with our program any amount of donation (both big and small) is very much appreciated to help motivate us in our work and in our future improvments. Donations are accepted using your PayPal user account on the link below or through a simple credit card transaction using PayPal website (this is a fully secure way of doing it). If you do not wish to provide donations through the internet then we're more than glad to get in touch with you on the e-mail address given below:

We highly thank and appreciate your donations in advance!

For donations please click on the Donate button.

We still have a few thoughts in our heads about the software and the platform which is partly under development at the moment. We primarily develop for ourselves but to those who support us we will gladly provide them with our newest outcomes as a gratitude of our appreciation.