About the program...

What can it really does? Although it's quite simply and the graphical appearence isn't too complicated it is gifted with plenty of functions. By scrolling the menu on the left you can find out what the software is capable of doing. This is the present menu but later on if there is any question, query, or recommendation on how we can improve it we are open on doing so... see the Feedback menu :-)

About the precisiness...

We have to warn you that although we took great care in creating the program, officially it cannot be used for route planning. The present database is up-to-date and is based on the newest AIP nevertheless it hasen't been checked by any external source so we cannot garantee for 100% the reliability of the program. The airport's data was mainly gathered by our own experince and from the website of the aerodromes and aeroclubs. The magnetic deviation is calculated by the IGRF 2010 cooefficient database.

Therefore we have to say that the given data is ment for informaive purposes only and exact information should be aquired before flight. The program can only be used at your own responsibility and the creators of the program are not responsible for any problem or incidient that the program may have caused. You can only use the program by accepting the above terms and conditons!

System Requirements

Usage of the program doesn't require a high performance computer but swithching on the terrain map will significantly slow down the system, so it may take 1-2 seconds while the picture draws out. The better processor you have the faster the program will be.

The program's interface has benn also optimised for mini laptops so it causes no trouble to run on MSI Wind U100 notebok or on ASUS EeePC.


Processor: 1.6GHz Intel Atom or Pentium
Memory: 256MB DDR
Graphics card: 64 MB-os
Hard drive: 30 Mbyte


June 26, 2011